The best books series in 2023 : 1- The Wager

The Wager, David Grann’s wonderful piece

The Wager: A True Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Survival Set to Captivate Readers
David Grann, acclaimed author of “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “The Lost City of Z,” returns with a captivating true story unlike any other: “The Wager.” This book immerses readers in a thrilling historical saga, weaving together shipwreck, mutiny, and survival set against the backdrop of 18th-century maritime adventure.

Embark on a Perilous Journey:

In 1741, the British warship Wager embarks on a secret mission during the War of Jenkins’ Ear. Their quest? To capture a treasure-laden Spanish galleon. However, fate takes a sharp turn as the Wager becomes separated from its fleet and faces a devastating storm off the desolate coast of Patagonia. The shipwrecked crew finds themselves stranded on a barren island, forced to confront not only the harsh elements but also the demons within themselves.

Despair and Division:

As hunger and desperation grip the survivors, factions emerge, and tensions rise. Captain David Cheap struggles to maintain order as gunner John Bulkeley leads a growing dissent. The simmering conflict ultimately explodes into mutiny, leading Bulkeley and a band of rebels to set sail in hopes of reaching Brazil, leaving Cheap and his loyalists abandoned.

Two Tales, One Truth:

Both parties endure unimaginable hardships in their separate journeys, facing storms, disease, and captivity. When they finally return to England, however, their stories clash drastically. Each group accuses the other of mutiny, setting the stage for a dramatic court-martial that will unravel the truth behind the Wager’s fateful voyage.

Beyond the Adventure:

Grann, known for his meticulous research and captivating storytelling, draws on a wealth of firsthand accounts, including ship logs, diaries, and court transcripts. He not only delivers a thrilling adventure but also explores the complexities of historical narratives and the power of storytelling to shape individual and national destinies.

Critical Acclaim:

“The Wager” has garnered rave reviews, earning praise for its:

Glorious, steely…a tightly written, relentless, blow-by-blow account that is hard to put down” Washington Post

“Propulsive….finely-detailed…a ripping yarn…remarkable.” The Boston Globe .

“The beauty of The Wager unfurls like a great sail…He fixes his spyglass on the ravages of empire, of racism, of bureaucratic indifference and raw greed…one of the finest nonfiction books I’ve ever read.” The Guardian (UK) .

“Gripping … Combining impeccable research with exceptional storytelling powers, [Grann] spirits the reader aboard a creaking wooden ship trapped at the eye of a howling storm… No book that you’re likely to read either this year or next will prove more dramatic and enthralling than Grann’s magnificent story of life both at sea and out on the desolate, mist-laden island whose solitary peak the Wager’s unfortunate crew aptly named Mount Misery”  Financial Times .

“[Grann’s] meticulously researched stories, with their spare, simmering setups that almost always deliver stunning payoffs, have made him one of the preeminent adventure and true-crime writers working today…[Grann] has mastered a streamlined, propulsive type of narrative that readers devour for its hide-and-seek reveals…David’s stuff reads like literature, but every detail, every quote, every seemingly implausible glimpse into a subject’s mind is accounted for” New York Magazine

“The story of the shipwreck and its aftermath features scenery-chewing characters, unexpected twists and an almost unimaginable amount of human misery. Grann, the author of the acclaimed “Killers of the Flower Moon,” tells it with style. He manages to wring maximum drama out of the events and sketch out nuanced portraits of key players on the doomed ship.” Associated Press

There are many positive and rich opinions and evaluations on this masterpiece of Grann, which we did not mention so as not to make the evaluation article long.

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